Epicardiectomy, a Czech slamming brutal death metal band, was founded in 2007 in Prague by Milan (drums) and Zelda (guitar/vocals). Initially characterized by a brutal and primitive style, the band experienced frequent lineup changes from 2007 to 2009, involving notable Czech musicians such as Tomas, Lad’a, and Venca. This instability led to numerous canceled shows and no significant recordings from that period. By 2009, the lineup stabilized with Tom (vocals) and Serge (guitar). The band recorded the promo CD «Decomposed Entrails Colonoscopy» in 2010 and performed extensively, including at the Mountains of Death festival in Switzerland. They also released the split CD “Goresoaked Slammassacre” with Kraanium and Dormant Carnivore. In 2011, they recorded another promo CD and signed with Coyote Records. Their debut full-length album, “Abhorrent Stench Of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration,” was released in 2012, followed by extensive touring. As of 2014, they are working on their second full-length album.