After the Swiss power / thrash metal legend DRIFTER broke up in 2011, the three ex-members Peter Wolff, Gabor Szabo and Roland Ribi continued to meet regularly for jamming.

The jam became serious. The three guys founded «Echo Vom Aathal» in 2012 and still play together in the same line-up.

On Friday September 13th, 2019, they released their Debut EP “Unsere schönsten Lieder”.

EVA’s music doesn’t have much to do with Drifter anymore.

What’s on offer is straightforward and uncompromising heavy metal. Bony, rock-hard, and earthy… with German lyrics.

Peter not only shreds the guitar, but also blows into the alphorn. The Swiss National Instrument is traditionally played…. and chased by overdriven guitar amps.

Freaky and crazy? Exactly! … and live a spectacle!

In the song Hellhorn only alphorns can be heard, accompanied by drums.
Nice, nasty … hellish!

A new album is planned for 2024.