Knife emerged from Marburg, Germany, founded by vocalist Vince Nihil and guitarist Laz Cultro. The band quickly gained attention after releasing a two-track demo tape through the Swiss independent label Metalworld, which included the song «Black Leather Hounds,» accompanied by a lyric video. A subsequent music video for «Sword Loser» marked the band’s expansion to a quartet, alongside a lineup change with Gypsy Danger taking over as bassist from Rook. Their second demo, «Locked In,» was released in 2020, featuring three original tracks and a cover of «Feel the Knife» by Exciter.

Signing with German label Dying Victims Productions, Knife released their self-titled debut album in late October 2021, heralded by the lyric video for «The Hallowed Chamber of Storms.» The band continued to build their discography with the release of «Sounds of Sacrifice» in summer 2022. This tape included three tracks, showcasing their own material alongside covers from Bathory and Venom.

Knife’s sound has been described as a fusion of speed metal and first-wave black metal, enriched by the influence of Motörhead. Their style has been characterized as a «blackened speed metal attack,» drawing comparisons to Hellripper, Judas Priest, Manowar, and a thrashy Bathory. Critics have lauded the band for their energy and songwriting skills, predicting a bright future. Despite varied opinions on their lyrical themes, Knife is recognized for their potential and unique musical direction, blending black speed metal with punk influences.