Rectal Smegma was initially formed in 2003 by four guys from the west of The Netherlands, who set out to create brutal gore grind with lots of groove, blastbeats and a humoristic party vibe all over. The band has undergone some member changes for guitar and bass throughout their existence but has started 2015 with their latest and strongest line-up, and also drunker than ever. The music has undergone some changes in the meantime as well, evolving from Neanderthal porn gore grind to fast aggressive blasting goregrind with loads of groovy death metal and even some hints of punk. There are now five full length records released plus several split albums. Over the years Rectal Smegma has done several tours in Europe, Mexico, Japan and South America, as well as great festivals like Wacken Open Air, Hellfest, Summer Breeze, PartySan, Obscene Extreme and many, many more. New material for the next full length is in the works, and the band is ready to hit the road.