Humans versus machines, a well-known story in the world of pop culture. What if this concept was played by a metal band? This is the way proposed by LES PROJETS D’ATHENA.

LES PROJETS D’ATHENA is a cybermetal band created in the early years of 2820 by Antoine Leboisselier (Guitar), alias the Technologist, and the Droidrummer HADES-06. Together they went back to present time in order to warn humanity of the coming apocalypse. On their way they recruited Audrey Berset, the band’s voice, in which hides the goddess Athena. All three travel the rock metal stages and festivals to tell their story through their music.

The band does not only play a powerful and spectacular metal show. They also help the public to wake up through interludes between the droid and his two human musicians. Fundamental questions, earth protection, cyber interaction and mutual aid, all these subjects are exposed in order to reveal what is good inside humanity.

The public welcomes the band with curiosity thanks to the awesome droid at the drum and his great introduction at the start of the show. Then, the powerful guitar riffs of the technologist blow up our metal minds, and let us start headbanging. And like a shockwave, the charismatic personality of the goddess Athena, princess of wisdom and warfare, with his guttural voice, stun the audience who are still in life.

Discover an epic cybermetal experience with LES PROJETS D’ATHENA!