Founded in 1984, the debut album «Hymn to Abramelin» followed after several demos in 1986 and in 1987 the successor «Extreme Cold Weather» whose cover is decorated with a polar bear. MESSIAH are among the co-founders of «Extreme Metal».

1990 the band founder R.B. «Brögi» heralded the new era of the band. MESSIAH acted much more playful and experienced & untypical for the genre their songs contained acoustic parts. The EP «Psychomorphia» released in 1991, the album «Choir of Horrors» as well as the album «Rotten Perish» one year later can be considered without doubt as milestones of Thrash-/ and Death-Metal.

24 years after their breakup, MESSIAH announced their definitive return in January 2018 and since then they played shows in the USA, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, etc.

In September 2020, the 6th studio album was released under the German label «High Roller Records», 26 years after their last album.

Messiah is currently working on a new album which will be released in March 2024.