An exciting mix of thrash and death metal defines the musical concept of CONSTRAINT. The band was founded in the summer of 2008. The members of several bands from the Kandertal region in Switzerland gathered around a table to discuss a new band project. Shortly after, these musicians came together for a jam session in the rehearsal room. The style was clear from the start: thrash/death metal was the order of the day. That same evening, the first song «The End» was created.

In 2009, CONSTRAINT played their first concerts. Since then, the guys have regularly performed in clubs, bars, and festivals. The fanbase grew, and with it, the desire for a first record. With the professional support of Andy Classen, the recordings were successful, and everyone was thrilled with the result. In September 2015, the album was baptized at a sold-out concert in Frutigen.

In November 2020, the second album «Dead End» was released, once again receiving excellent reviews.