Melechesh, a black metal band with Middle Eastern roots, was formed in Jerusalem by Ashmedi as a solo project in 1993. In the following year, guitarist Moloch and drummer Lord Curse joined the lineup. Their vision was to create a unique blend of black metal infused with extensive Middle Eastern influences, drawing inspiration from Mesopotamian/Sumerian culture and occult themes in their music and lyrics. They coined the term «Mesopotamian metal» to best describe their genre.

In 1995, Melechesh gained attention from both underground metal fans and local authorities with the release of their official demo «As Jerusalem Burns…» and the 7″ EP «The Siege of Lachish.» Unfortunately, the band faced accusations of engaging in «Dark Cult activities» from the law enforcement authorities in Jerusalem. These allegations were based on a distorted newspaper article. However, the charges were eventually dropped.

In 1996, Melechesh released their debut album, «As Jerusalem Burns…Al´Intisar,» on an American black metal record label. Bassist Al´Hazred joined the band, completing the lineup. This made Melechesh the first non-Israeli band from the Middle East to be signed by an international record label. It also marked them as the first metal band from Jerusalem and Bethlehem to secure an international record deal.

Due to personal, professional, and demographic reasons, the band members had to relocate. In 1998, armed with a new promo CD titled «Mesopotamian Metal» and after a farewell gig in Jerusalem, Melechesh moved to France and the Netherlands. Lord Curse remained in Jerusalem but later moved to the USA to pursue his art studies, ultimately working for George Lucas› ILM company. Consequently, the band had to find a new drummer, and Proscriptor from Absu joined their ranks. From that point on, Melechesh released two full-length albums: «Djinn» in 2001, delving into Mesopotamian mythology, and «Sphynx» in 2003, exploring Mesopotamian/Sumerian mythology while maintaining their devotion to dark and Near Eastern occult themes. Their fourth album, «Emissaries,» garnered high praise and was released in Europe by Osmose Productions and in the United States and Canada by The End Records. Xul has since replaced Proscriptor as the band’s full-time drummer. A documentary capturing the band’s founding journey was initiated, although the initial director left after losing all the footage shot in Jerusalem. Another director took over, and the project is still in progress. Ashmedi’s biography can be found on various respected websites and in printed magazines worldwide, including Decibel and Legacy. Since the release of their highly acclaimed album «The Epigenesis,» Melechesh has consistently toured globally to further promote their music.

The name Melechesh derives from two words: «melech,» meaning «king» in Aramaic and classic Hebrew, and «esh,» meaning «fire.» The band combined these words to create their unique moniker. The «ch» in Melechesh is pronounced like the Scottish «ch» in «LOCH» or the Greek «X.» An alternative accepted pronunciation is MeleKesh.

Although Melechesh initially started their career in Jerusalem and Bethlehem from 1993 to 1998, they have primarily resided in Amsterdam since 1998 due to various personal, professional, and demographic factors.