Carach Angren, a symphonic black metal trio from the Netherlands, combines orchestration, rich textures, and multilingual vocals to create concept albums characterized by a faux-classical style. Dubbing their music «horror metal,» their name originates from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, with «Carach Angren» meaning «Iron Jaws.» Their 2012 album, Where the Corpses Sink Forever, showcased their mature style and garnered international attention.

Formed in 2003, members Seregor, Ardek, and Namtar released their first demo, The Chase Vault Tragedy, and the Ethereal Veiled Existence EP a year later. Their debut album, Lammendam (2008), received positive reviews, while their 2010 release, Death Came Through a Phantom Ship, led to comparisons with bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Signing with Seasons of Mist, they released Where the Corpses Sink Forever (2012) and This Is No Fairytale (2015). The band’s 2017 album, Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten, was followed by Frankensteina Strataemontanus in 2020, a spin on the classic Frankenstein story.