Greek metal band SepticFlesh, formed in the early ’90s, began with a sound inspired by doom, black, and death metal. Over time, their style evolved to include neo-classical and symphonic metal elements, showcased in albums like Sumerian Demons (2003), The Great Mass (2011), Codex Omega (2017), and Modern Primitive (2022).

Established in Athens by Sotiris Vayenas, Spiros Antoniou, and Christos Antoniou, the band released their debut EP, Temple of the Lost Race, in 1991, and their first full-length album, Mystic Places of Dawn, in 1994. With the addition of soprano vocalist Natalie Rassoulis, they moved towards a symphonic death metal style in Ophidian Wheel (1997) and A Fallen Temple (1998). After signing with Hammerheart, they released Sumerian Daemons in 2003.

Despite their success, SepticFlesh disbanded in 2003, with members pursuing individual projects. However, they reunited in 2007, signed with Season of Mist, and released Communion (2008), featuring an orchestra and choir. Subsequent albums The Great Mass (2011), Titan (2014), and Codex Omega (2017) continued their ambitious approach, collaborating with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2020, they released the live LP and concert film Infernus Sinfonica Mmxix, followed by the melodic and cinematic album Modern Primitive in 2022.